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Activities & Excursions

Activities & Excursions

Want more out of your time in Santiago? Excursions are the perfect complement to your Spanish classes at BridgeChile. We offer several activities weekly, each led by a knowledgeable Bridge Spanish teacher. Many of these guides have lived in Santiago their entire life and can tell you the behind-the-scenes stories and share little-known tips.

Best of all, excursions are included in the cost of the program, however students are asked to pay for their own public transportation and entrances fees (if applicable). Make the most of your time in Chile and uncover the stories and mysteries of Santiago with our cultural excursions. Listed below are just a few of the activities we invite you to attend:

Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda

Urban designs, impressive architecture and regional arts

This arts and cultural center, constructed for Chile’s bicentennial in 2010, is a true example of urban contemporary design in Santiago. Check out the impressive permanent collections of arts and crafts from the different regions of Chile, or visit the current exhibition.  After visiting the center, you can take a stroll into the central garden of the presidential palace and take in the impressive architecture of this very historic building, the site of the 1973 coup engineered by former general Augusto Pinochet.

Museo de Arte Precolombino

Discover the South America before Columbus’ arrival

This small, but well-stocked museum is a stone’s throw from the Plaza de Armas, conveniently located downtown. Here you’ll find some of the most interesting collections of gold jewelry, textiles and pottery created by ancient civilizations from Central and South America. The Museo de Arte Precolumbino offers visitors a taste of ancient culture in a surprisingly modem city.

Pueblito de Artesanos Los Dominicos

An artist’s escape from the city

Orginally an artist’s commune supported by the Dominican church, Pueblito de Artesanos Los Dominicos offers a unique experience far from the hustle and bustle of downtown, but easily accessible by subway. Follow the winding, tree-shaded path through a picturesque village filled with artisan arts and crafts and small restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious pastel de choclo (corn pie). You’ll also be able to witness many of the artists in action, creating their works of art.

La Chascona

Poetry, history and art

The former house of writer Pablo Neruda, La Chascona, is found in the Bela Vista neighborhood, surrounded by quiet streets and quaint restaurants. Visting La Chascona is like entering the mind of Chile’s greatest poet. The house is filled with eclectic and bizarre objects, and boasts an amazing garden and marvelous views over Santiago. Take a guided tour and get an insider’s look into the life and works of this Nobel Prize winning poet.

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