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Bridge’s Methodology

Speak more Spanish with our conversational approach to language learning.

Bridge’s Methodology

BridgeChile’s approach to learning is unique and will have you speaking Spanish from the very first day of class. Bridge’s method prepares students to use their new language skills in practical, everyday situations. Thanks to our communicative and dynamic classes, students learn quickly and feel comfortable in daily life, such as speaking on the phone, meeting people, conducting business and ordering in a restaurant.

The real magic lies in our professional and skilled teachers. They have been extensively trained in Bridge’s methodology and know exactly how to bring everyday life into the classroom in a fun and dynamic way, through newspaper articles, films and music. All of our teachers are native speakers and love sharing their culture and language.

Basic Principles of Bridge's Methodology

  • No Translation in Class
    Students and teachers communicate in Spanish from the very first day of class and never use translation in the classroom. This direct method gets you thinking in Spanish, so you master the language even quicker!
  • Teacher Rotation
    We rotate teachers to expose students to different accents, pronunciations and vocabulary. This helps you to understand the language in a variety of situations and keeps your classes fresh and interesting.
  • Emphasis on Communication
    Our methodology focuses on you speaking the language, not just analyzing it. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your speaking and listening in class, while grammar, reading and writing are taught in a practical way, without boring you!
  • Materials & Homework
    You’ll continue practicing the skills you learned in class, with assignments outside of class, and complement your conversational instruction with reading and writing practice.

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