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Volunteer in Santiago

Volunteer in Santiago

BridgeChile is dedicated to helping students enhance their cultural experience by giving back to the community. We are partnered with local organizations in Santiago to place you in a meaningful volunteer project where you’ll discover a new culture, country and language, while helping those in need.

Our volunteer programs include Spanish classes, accommodation with a Chilean host family or in a hostel, training and support before, during and after your volunteer experience and also several cultural excursions to explore Santiago and its beautiful surroundings.


Volunteer program in Chile

Spanish and Volunteer

Learn Spanish, get to know the people of Chile, and make a difference in a local community with our Spanish & Volunteer program. You’ll study Spanish in group classes (20 hours per week), and after class you’ll volunteer with a local partner organization in Santiago. As a volunteer, you’ll be helping out people in need. Volunteering is also a great way to practice your Spanish and get to know the community in a unique and meaningful way. This program is offered through our sister company BridgeAbroad. Check out the volunteer opportunities available in Chile.

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