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Spanish Courses

Find the perfect Spanish course for your needs at our school in Santiago.

Spanish Courses

BridgeChile has a variety of Spanish courses for students to choose from, depending on their needs, expectations, and budget. Students can choose between Group or Private classes or a combination of both. All of our classes are taught using Bridge’s communicative methodology for language instruction.

Group Courses

Group Courses
• Group
15 class hours per week (20 hours per week if groups of 4 or more students)

Students in this course have 3 hours of Spanish class each day in small groups with no more than 6 students. These small-group classes allow the teacher to adapt the lessons to the level of the students and give you the chance to practice your Spanish with other students. Enroll now…

• Group Plus
30 class hours per week.

This popular course combines the interaction of a group class, with the intensity and focus of a private class. With 3 hours per day of the Group Course and an additional 2 hours of private lessons, your Spanish will improve fast! Enroll now…

Private Courses

Private Courses
• Private 4
20 class hours per week.

Private lessons are the perfect solution for students who need to focus on their individual needs, such as learning specific vocabulary or improving pronunciation. This one-on-one approach is an effective way to learn and master the Spanish language at your own pace with 4 hours of class each day. Enroll now…

• Private 6
30 class hours per week.

The Private 6 Course takes the same intensive, one-on-one approach as Private 4, but increases class time to 6 hours per day of private lessons. Enroll now…

• Immersion
45 class hours per week. (40 hours of lessons, 5 hours of practical Spanish during lunch time)

For students who want to learn a lot in a short period of time, the immersion course is the answer. This intensive course consists of 9 hours of private lessons per day, including lunch with your teacher. This is our most effective and intensive course yet and will boost your Spanish learning to a whole new level. Enroll now…

• Live and Learn

This course allows students to practice their Spanish on the town! In a unique private class experience, you’ll discover Santiago with one of our fantastic teachers and learn Spanish while visiting some of the most famous cultural and historical sites in Chile. All entrance fees, drinks, meals, etc. are included in the hourly charge. Enroll now…


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