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Special Programs

Enhance your Spanish with the culture, history and people of Chile.

Special Programs
Traditional Chilean Dancer

Spanish and Culture

Chile’s rich history is, in part, due to its isolation and remoteness as a country protected by the majestic Andes Mountains, as well as the influences of Spanish colonists and Mapuche Indian traditions. This course is perfect for those who want to discover the literature, history and language of Chile.

This program includes:

  • Four hours of private lessons on the topic of your choice—from Chilean history, to literature, to architecture
  • An excursion to introduce you to Chilean culture (options include Museo Artes Visuales, Palacio Cousiño and Casa Colorada)

  • Skier in Chile on snowy mountain

    Spanish and Skiing

    It’s not for nothing that Santiago is surrounded by mountains! At only an hour and a half from Santiago’s bustling downtown, you’ll find several world-class ski resorts. Not a professional skier? No problem, this program includes lessons, so you’ll be skiing with the best of them in no time!

    This program includes:

  • A day trip to Valle Nevado, El Colorado or La Parva
  • Ski-lift ticket and day pass for skiing
  • Round-trip transportation from Santiago to ski resort
  • Equipment rental (skis, boots & poles or snowboard & boots)
  • Ski/snowboard lessons at El Colorado (minimum two persons)
  • Note: This program is available from June to September.
  • Vineyard in Chile

    Spanish and Wine

    Chile’s Mediterranean-like climate is perfect for cultivating grapes and along with centuries of knowledge and technique, some of the finest wines in the world come from Chile. Infuse your Spanish with the true flavors of the country; learn the art of wine tasting and put your new skills to use at a tour of one of Chile’s famous wineries.

    This program includes:

  • A one-hour class on types of wine and the techniques of wine tasting
  • A guided excursion to Viña Cousiño Macul vineyard and winery
  • teacher in front of whiteboard

    Spanish & TEFL

    (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

    Ever think about living abroad? Teaching English abroad is for those who want to spend more than just a few weeks abroad, and is a great way to finance your trip. You’ll be spending 1 week learning Spanish and then 1 month in a TEFL course, learning the ins and outs of teaching English as a foreign language.

    In just a few weeks, you’ll have improved your Spanish and become a certified English teacher. Are you ready to live, work, and fully experience the culture in Chile?

    For more information on our teacher certification programs, please visit BridgeTEFL.

    Volunteer program in Chile

    Spanish and Volunteer

    Learn Spanish, get to know the people of Chile, and make a difference in a local community with our Spanish & Volunteer program. You’ll study Spanish in group classes (20 hours per week), and after class you’ll volunteer with a local partner organization in Santiago. As a volunteer, you’ll be helping out people in need. Volunteering is also a great way to practice your Spanish and get to know the community in a unique and meaningful way. This program is offered through our sister company BridgeAbroad. Check out the volunteer opportunities available in Chile.

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